The First Nations Children’s Futures Fund

The FNCFF seeks to ensure that First Nations children in New Brunswick have equal access to play spaces, recreation, sport, and cultural development when compared to non First Nations children and youth in the province. The fund also provides support for projects related to heritage, language retention, and leadership advancement.

Example Projects

  • Play infrastructure
  • Sports equipment
  • Fine arts materials
  • Musical equipment
  • Other resources closely related to cultural development and language retention.

Funding Details

The maximum provided for a single grant is $5000; however, part of the process may include assisting the applicant in accessing other funding and support from outside partners. Exceptions may also be made for larger projects that seek to have a positive impact in more than one First Nations community. If outside assistance will be required to undertake the project, support requirements should be outlined clearly on the application.

How to apply

If you are from a First Nations community in New Brunswick, or you’re seeking information on the fund for someone else, take a look at the application form below. For some applications, a short meeting with the selection committee may be necessary following the initial application process. For more information, see the application form linked below.


First Nations Children’s Futures Fund | Grant Application Form

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