PFY Connect

Funded by the Fredericton Community Foundation Impact Grant, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and Greater Fredericton Social Innovation, PFY Connect supports timely access to counselling therapy for youth ages 14 to 24.

A youth in need of support will make an initial connection to our designated staff team which includes a social worker – through a simple referral process. They will then be assessed to ensure the appropriate counselling need is met and then PFY staff will reach out on behalf of the youth to a licensed counselling therapist and make the first appointment for the consenting youth.  Follow up will occur with the youth from PFY to confirm appointment and address any barriers to attending, such as transportation.  If needed, PFY will support up to 8 sessions of private counselling therapy.  This initiative fills a specific gap in mental health support for youth. 

Fill out the PFY Connect Referral Form using the link below to get started.

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