Thank you for considering a donation to Partners for Youth.

Our organization is funded by a diverse group of donors from across Canada.  We work hard to provide high quality programming and services to youth and youth at risk and as a not for profit our ability to do this work is directly related to the generosity of our numerous donors.  

Here are a few important points related to our revenue and fundraising:

  • In this donation section is a bulletin from RBC related to in-kind donations of stocks and investments – if you are planning to make a donation to us or any other charity using your stock/investment portfolio you may find this information very useful from a taxation and planning perspective.  
  • As mentioned, our funding comes from a wide range of donors including foundations, individuals, service clubs, corporate/business and government.  All funding is critical to our sustainability and ability to deliver and expand programs and projects for youth and youth at risk.
  • As a donor you can direct which program within our organization receive your donation.
  • As a federally registered not for profit charitable organization we are able to provide an income tax receipt for your donation.
  • All not for profit organizations have overhead costs or administrative costs which include vital needs which allow us to operate safely including insurance, technology support, space and financial controls and security.  However, we have taken important steps to reduce our administrative costs so that as much of your donation as possible goes directly to supporting youth. On average we spend 7% of our overall revenue each year on administrative costs, a number that is among the lowest anywhere for an organization of our size.

To discuss making a donation or legacy gift to Partners for Youth Inc. 

please call us anytime at 506-462-0326.  

Thank you.

Helpful Documents

You can also view the Charitable Donations of Securities here

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