Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation | Strategy Documentation

Starting in 2015, we began a project aimed at devising a strategy for addressing the problem of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation (HTSE) in New Brunswick. Following two years of collaboration with a large list of community and government partners, two key documents related to the project have now been completed.

The issue of HTSE in our province is complex. Those who are trafficked are pre-dominantly young women and girls from marginalized demographics. The workings of traffickers are generally hidden, which only serves to compound the problem, as very few of us have any knowledge of the issue in our day-to-day lives.

This provincial strategy and five-year plan are meant to provide us with a way forward to address issues related to HTSE in a comprehensive and impactful manner. It highlights the needs of those who find themselves in trafficking situations and provides a greater understanding of HTSE as a whole.

Perhaps most importantly, the documents provided here speak to a need for a multi-partner initiative to address violence against women. This initiative would need to include collaborative work at systemic, community, and individual levels.

To read the strategy and five-year plan in full, view our download links below.


HTSE Strategy
HTSE Five-Year Plan


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