It takes a community

We would like to thank our most recent funding partner, the New Brunswick Children’s Foundation, for their support. Their donation of $5000 will be invested in our Camp Tippy Canoe program for youth of all ages.

Camp Tippy Canoe provides an opportunity for youth to experience the outdoors in a fun and supportive environment. It is one of our longest-running programs here at PFY, and in many ways continues to represent the foundation on which our organization was built.

This year over 120 youth will take part in what are mostly week-long camps. The program invites these groups to canoe along the waterways of the St. Croix River and camp on sites on the river banks along the way. It’s a great way to expand horizons and learn a few things about the great outdoors along the way.

Again, thank you to the New Brunswick Children’s Foundation. Without the support of our funders, Camp Tippy Canoe would not be possible.


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