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dots nb logo white bgLast year, the Government of New Brunswick announced they would be building a residential facility for youth mental health in the Campbellton region. Known as the Centre of Excellence, the facility has a primary goal of providing for New Brunswick youth who find themselves in need of more intensive support than might be found in their home communities.

As members of a working group tasked with helping to develop programming at the Centre, Partners For Youth Inc. was contracted to develop and deliver a series of community consultations throughout the province. Over of course of eight weeks, we delivered 15 such consultation sessions. Session participants came to us from a variety of regions, including Anglophone, Francophone, and First Nations communities. Their ages also ranged from high school aged students (~15-17) well into adulthood.

Many of the groups included professionals with a stake in the Centre. Many are directly related to mental health services for youth and will very likely be a part of the broader network of excellence in the future. Other groups were made up of university students studying in programs that also relate directly to the province’s mental health services (e.g. social work). Finally, a substantial number of youth from a variety of backgrounds were also involved. Among them were a large amount of youth in provincial care, as well as other demographics that are often labelled as being “at-risk”.

The results of these consultations have been recorded in a report for government. For more information on the process and results, download the report and other related documents below.


Functional Program Consultation Report – Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health
Invitation – Functional Program Consultation Session
Presentation – Functional Program Consultation Session

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