The Rosemary McCain McMillin Scholarship

NBYICNThe Rosemary McCain McMillin Scholarship is awarded annually to young people who spent time in the provincial care system and who are looking to pursue post-secondary studies at the graduate level. The scholarship covers up to $5,000 of the cost of post-secondary tuition and fees. Anyone who is from care in New Brunswick can apply, including students who may have applied or obtained the scholarship in previous years. The scholarship was founded by the woman for whom it is named. As a patron of PFY for a number of years, Rosemary McCain McMillin has helped us provide important support to youth in need throughout New Brunswick. Half of the $5000 scholarship amount is also provided by the provincial government.

“I give because of a feeling deep inside me. It’s part of my history and part of my family. Dad and mother always helped others, and I remember that very well. I grew up in the depression, where there were six children at home. I remember my father coming home at the end of the week with a roll of lifesavers for the six of us to share – it was a great treat and we were all so thankful. I had the most wonderful childhood, and I wish all children could have the same thing. Education is so important, and I want to give children the opportunity to succeed.”

– Rosemary McCain McMillin

If you or someone you know qualifies and would like to apply for the scholarship in 2015, contact us! We are accepting applications until June 1st.

Application Forms

Formulaire De Demande Pour La Bourse Rosemary McCain McMillin 2015 [Fr]1.1 MiB635
Rosemary McCain McMillin Application Form 2015 [En]1.1 MiB810

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