Island Bound

MW EnThanks to generous contributions by the Leacross Foundation and the Canadian Women`s Foundation, we have recently begun an expansion of our Making Waves program on Prince Edward Island. Our agreement spans over three years and is set to include students from all ten high schools on the island.

Last October 2014, we began our journey with a first grouping of students from five island schools. Over 50 participants were on hand at Brackly Beach to participate in Making Waves training and begin developing school action plans. By all accounts, it was a tremendous success and a fantastic beginning to this expansion project.

For the rest of this 2014-15 school year, Making Waves project coordinator Suzanne Laver will remain engaged in the action plan processes for this first group of students. We then hope to pull from this group to build the first ever P.E.I. Student Advisory Committee (SAC) for Making Waves. This SAC will be instrumental in maintaining the program for years to come.

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