Start your journey to mental wellness. Bridge the gapp Youth is an online resource designed to support mental wellness.

Bridge the gapp is a new way to connect with guidance and support for mental health and addictions.

The best thing about it is its accessibility. From a computer, tablet or a phone in your pocket, you can instantly access content that can provide advice, inspiration, assurance, or direction for finding additional supports when you need it the most.


This Partners for Youth program, PFY Connect, supports timely access to counselling therapy for youth ages 14 to 24 that have been connected in some capacity to the Provincial Care system. A youth in need of support will make an initial connection to our designated staff team which includes a social worker —through a simple referral process. They will then be assessed to ensure the appropriate counselling need is met and then PFY staff will reach out on behalf of the youth to a licensed counselling therapist and make the first appointment for the consenting youth. Follow up will occur with the youth from PFY to confirm appointment and address any barriers to attending, such as transportation. If needed, PFY will support up to 8 sessions of counselling therapy and will provide support while the youth is engaging in this program.

kids' help phone

  • Call us if you want to talk 1-800-668-6868 or click on the image above
  • Write to us if you have something on your mind
  • You don’t have to pay for our service
  • We are always open
  • You don’t have to tell us who you are
  • It’s between just you and us

Chimo is a provincial crisis phone line, that is accessible 24hrs a day, 365 days a year to all residents of New Brunswick.

We are committed to helping with any issue

*Thoughts of suicide
* Emotional stress
* Employment
* Accommodations
* General Information
* Loneliness
* Divorce/Separation
* Senior Resources

The Link Program enables individuals with any kind of issues to access local help services through a Link Companion.  We want to give a person the opportunity to resolve his or her issues before they escalate and lead to a more serious situation.


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