Michaela Toner

Organizational History

Making Waves

Michaela began her relationship with PFY as a high school participant in our Making Waves program. In 2009, she took part in what was then a weekend long conference format, participating in discussions and workshops related to relationship violence prevention.

Following the conference, Michaela was identified as one of a handful of participants who displayed leadership qualities. She was subsequently invited to be a member of the program youth leadership group for the following year. In 2010, Michaela assisted in the planning and delivery of the Making Waves conference as a leadership member. This would mark the start of a long PFY relationship.

In 2011, Michaela¬†was one of three Making Waves leaders to be named to the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee. As part of the group, she assisted in the planning and coordination of a national conference in 2012 on teen healthy relationships.


From 2011 through to 2015, Michaela volunteered to take part in a number of PFY initiatives. She became a facilitator for the Making Waves program in Francophone communities. She also assisted with a number of conferences, including the 2015 and 2017 Youth in Care Summits and the 2015 and 2016 Youth Engagement Summits.

Project Support

In June 2016, Michaela was hired to a full-time staff position. As Project Support, she assists on numerous programs and initiatives, including the Youth Engagement Initiative, Making Waves, the Youth in Care Network, and Youth in Action for Mental Health. Her ongoing and high quality contributions to these and other initiatives have made her a highly valued member of our team.


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