Mathieu Cormier


Organizational History

New Brunswick Youth in Care Network

Mathieu began working for Partners in 2010. He served as the first coordinator of the New Brunswick Youth in Care Network (NBYICN), overseeing it’s initial development stage and expansion throughout the province.

In his time as network coordinator, Mathieu oversaw the development of an art workshop program entitled Art Attack. He also brought in NBYICN leaders to help with the first ever Youth Engagement Summit in 2011.

In 2011, Mathieu and two NBYICN leaders attended the Youth Leaving Care Hearings in Toronto. Upon their arrival, they resolved to organize a similar event here in New Brunswick. Following one year of planning and travel throughout the province to speak to youth in care, social workers, foster and adoptive parents, the Youth In Care Hearings were held at the provincial legislature in November 2012.

Over the next three years, the NBYICN positioned itself as the voice of youth in government care in the province, producing reports on the state of the care system from the perspective of their peers, and working to ensure the experiences of youth in care remained a focus of successive provincial governments.

The Roadmap

For one year following his arrival at PFY in 2010, Mathieu coordinated a financial literacy program called The City in high schools in Fredericton, Dieppe, and Riverview. The program sought to provide educational support to high school students, as well as an opportunity to take part in a media-based leadership project on subjects related to financial literacy.

In his second year at PFY, Mathieu piloted a redesign of the program tailored more specifically to youth from at-risk demographics. While the initial themes from The City remained, the program itself was changed considerably to better respond to educational needs in these contexts. Eventually, the majority of the resources offered by The City program were entirely replaced, and the program itself was renamed to The Roadmap.

While many financial literacy elements remained, the newly envisioned Roadmap program incorporated a substantial career guidance and development component. In this way, the program tied educational lessons related to personal finance to the process of finding a potential career of interest and mapping out a plan to achieve specific career and life related goals.

Director of Communications and Engagement

In 2016, Mathieu took on a new title at PFY and became the organization’s first Director of Communications and Engagement. In this role, Mathieu works to maintain and grow our web presence, provides creative support in the way of graphic and publishing design, and offers project support as needed to all of our project coordinators. His work can be seen throughout this website, on our related social media accounts, as well as in our regular e-bulletins and annual reports.

The Youth Engagement Initiative

In additional to his current role as Director of Communications and Engagement, Mathieu also leads the design and coordination of our Youth Engagement Initiative (YEI) program. The YEI involves the creation of leadership groups in regions throughout the province and engages these groups in the planning and delivery of regional youth forums. By way of a series of planning sessions, everything from subject matter, to agendas, to workshops and presentations are developed by YEI leadership groups.

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