Executive Director

Fiona Williams

Director of Development

John Sharpe

Director of Community and Government Partnerships

Cindy Miles

Director of Communications and Engagement

Mathieu Cormier

Student Education Coordinator

Suzanne Laver

Director of Safe Harbour House

Alison White

Case Manager

Paula Medford

Project Coordinators

Mathieu Cormier
The Youth Engagement Initiative

Suzanne Laver
Making Waves and Camp Tippy Canoe

Tom Carney
The Adventure Classroom and Camp Tippy Canoe

Misty McLaughlin
The Youth Justice Recovery Program

Zoe Bourgeois
The New Brunswick Youth In Care Network

Kendra Wasson
Youth in Action for Mental Health and Dots NB

Project Support

Brittany Florjancic

Youth Support Workers

Tracy Stuart
Jordan Calder
Holly Durham
Jack Simpson
Melissa Barton
Misty Schofield

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