The Roadmap

Roadmap white bgFunded by RBC’s YouthWorks fund, the Roadmap program provides youth in and from permanent care with employability skills training, internships, job placements and employment training support. The goal of the program is to help young people from care make the successful transition from receiving an education to obtaining sustainable employment.

The Roadmap includes eight core modules, split into individual workshops. These include:

1) What is work?

Participants explore the concept of “work,” including the messages they receive about work from their family, friends, community, media, etc. Participants also examine their personal assumptions and beliefs about work.

2) Career Planning

Participants explore different jobs and careers based on six industry categories identified by the Holland Code.

3) Educational Opportunities

Participants explore different educational opportunities in support of their identified job/career goals.

4) Finding Work

Participants explore and practice ways of finding work— both in their home community, as well as in other communities.

5) Selling Yourself

Participants explore how to prepare for job interviews. They develop and practice their interview skills through job interview role plays.

6) Professionalism

Participants explore the concept of professionalism. They discuss and practice using the pro-social skills required to behave professionally in different workplaces.

7) Wellness

Participants explore seven dimensions of wellness. They identify ways that they can stay well, and practice strategies for managing workplace stress.

8) Financial Literacy

Participants engage in a basic discussion of financial literacy in support of their education and career goals.

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