The Adventure Classroom

Adventure ClassroomThe most important part of our work is the long term commitment we make to our children and youth.  This long term commitment, which can last for over 10 years, enables them to form long lasting positive relationships which lead to documented and sustained positive growth.  Many of these relationships begin in our program called – The Adventure Classroom and continue onto our leadership and camp programs for many years.

The Adventure Classroom program is provided in over 20 middle schools in the province with hundreds of youth each year.  This adventure based program, supported by a network of over 80 volunteers, is an adventure based social development and empowerment program where youth, month after month, can find a safe, secure and accepting environment in which to improve their lives.  Each school group meets for at least 24 hours of work each year and an additional 50 hours of camp during the summer.

PFY Summer Camp

Camp logoThe PFY Summer Camp is located on the banks of North Lake, NB. The lake is part of a series of waterways leading to the St. Croix River, which straddles the border between Canada and the United States. It was once a common place of rest for travelers on the old Maliseet Trail Portage Route. Today the park is used to offer outdoor education programs to over 100 youth each year.


Making Waves

Making Waves/Vague par vague is a youth driven innovative and successful provincial dating-violence prevention program in operation since 1995.  Guided by principles of equality, equity, and diversity, we engage young people in a peer process to explore and raise awareness of relationship violence issues.  Young people become active partners in creating a world in which violence is not tolerated.

Making Waves/Vague par vague programs are constantly evolving as we strive to deliver effective dating violence prevention initiatives throughout our region.  We take an interactive approach to education, and involve participants in a learning experience.  We emphasize peer education, empowering youth to act as leaders, role models and educators.


The New Brunswick Youth In Care Network

The New Brunswick Youth In Care Network (NBYICN) is made up of a collection of youth and young adults from all over New Brunswick whose goal is to unite people who understand what it’s like to be in care. We strive to provide a sense of belonging and to empower youth in care throughout the province.

Our network is always looking for new members. If you or someone you know is from care, contact us to find out how to get involved. Our goal is to establish a presence throughout the province, but we can’t do it without your help. For more info on how you or someone you know can get involved, contact us.


The Roadmap: Financial Literacy and Career Development

Our career development and financial literacy and independence program uses personal development activities and concepts to teach participants a number of important career development and financial concepts. Related coursework deals with things like: post secondary education, career options, employment, personal development, budgeting, banking, money management, insurance, and making sound financial investments. The program is currently being piloted with youth in care and in custody.

Dots NB

Dots NB is committed to excellence in kids’ mental health in New Brunswick through youth, family and community empowerment. It is a direct nod to a report written in 2008 by former Child and Youth Advocate, Bernard Richard, entitled “Connecting the Dots: A report on the condition of youth-at-risk and youth with very complex needs in New Brunswick.”

In January 2015, Dots NB came under the umbrella of Partners For Youth. This merger will allow us to double our efforts as they relate to youth mental health in New Brunswick.


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