November 29th is Youth in Care Day!

Officially proclaimed in 2014, the New Brunswick Children and Youth in Care Day offers a chance to recognize and celebrate the lives and achievements of youth in the provincial care system. It serves as an opportunity to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that is too often associated with being in care.

Proclaimed by official decree by Lieutenant-governor Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, this important recognition came at the heels of a number of key projects put forth by members of our New Brunswick Youth in Care Network (NBYICN). Funded in part by the Government of New Brunswick, the NBYICN is a Partners For Youth program developed by current and former youth in care that seeks to engage and empower youth in care by involving them in highly supportive projects that focus on elements of self-fulfillment, leadership skills development, and peer-based social action.

This year, regional events are taking place throughout the province to mark our provincial Children and Youth in Care Day. These events include a number of large group gatherings and food for youth in provincial care. They also present an occasion to build a sense of community for a group that often must navigate challenging family situations.

For more information on Youth in Care Day, contact us! To read our report on the 2012 Youth in Care Hearings, see ‘The Long Road Home‘ on our publications page. To learn more about the NBYICN, see our program page for the NBYICN here.

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