2019 12-in-12 Tickets on Sale Now

We’re kicking off our 12 Trips in 12 Months fundraiser for 2019!

Every month, the PFY 12-in-12 draw gives ticket holders a chance to win either $144 in cash or a vacation worth $3500! Your chances to win are great with four cash winners and one trip winner every month. We keep the number of tickets low so as to give everyone very good chances at winning. Better still: your ticket will remain in the pool until you win a trip. This means you can win the cash prize any number of times throughout the year.

To top it off, purchase your ticket before December 1st to have your name entered in our early bird draw to win $5000 cash!

Click here to see our list of trip and cash prize winners from 2018!

If winning trips and cash is your kind of thing, you can purchase your tickets for the 12 Trips draw at your local TD Bank, or you can contact us directly and ask about getting your name in the draw. Tickets are $144 ($12/month) for the full year of draws. As mentioned above, your ticket remains in the running until you win a trip, meaning you have multiple chances to win every month.

Most important of all, money from our 12 Trips fundraiser draws goes directly to supporting our varied programs. In this way, your contribution helps provide young people throughout New Brunswick with access to our programs and events.

Click here for more information on our current list of programs.

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