Summer is Coming

Like the ebb and flow of the tides along the St. Croix Waterways, our Camp Tippy Canoe is gearing up for another amazing summer.

Approximately 140 youth will participate in our camp program this year. That includes two elementary school camps, four middle school camps, and one leadership camp.

Our summer camp groups are made up almost entirely of students from the Adventure Classroom, as well as youth returning to us from previous years. In this way, we are able to engage young people over a longer period to ensure they receive all the support they need as they transition into high school and beyond.

Our camp has been in the family for many years. Camp Tippy Canoe is located on the banks of North Lake, NB. The lake is part of a series of waterways leading to the St. Croix River, which straddles the border between Canada and the United States. Once a common place of rest for travelers on the old Maliseet Trail Portage Route, today the park is used to offer outdoor education programs to over 100 youth each year

For more details on Camp Tippy Canoe, check out our program page.

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