Human Trafficking in NB | Needs assessment

In 2015, we began work on a new project focused on human trafficking in New Brunswick. Over the following 12 months, our project coordinator reached out to a wide array of people, from individuals with lived experience to members of related law-enforcement agencies. The ultimate goal was to lay the ground work for a provincial strategy designed to reduce both the current and future impact of human trafficking in the province.

Many kilometers later, our Project Coordinator has delivered with the creation of a substantial needs assessment on the issue. This report provides considerable insight on the topic at hand and how it relates to the experience of women and girls in New Brunswick.

Among the issues raised:

  • The hidden nature of human trafficking and difficulties in identifying problematic situations
  • Misunderstandings around the link between human trafficking and sex workers
  • Challenges in breaking down barriers between vulnerable populations and law-enforcement agencies
  • The general lack of programming and support for people involved in human trafficking and other often related circumstances

In short, the document provides a solid analysis of the current situation in New Brunswick and the issues that make human trafficking a challenging problem to tackle. To read the full report, click on the link below.


Human Trafficking of Women and Girls in New Brunswick | Needs assessment

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