12 Trips in 12 Months

Every month, the PFY 12-in-12 draw gives ticket holders a chance to win either $144 in cash or a vacation worth $3500! Your chances to win are great with four cash winners and one trip winner every month. We keep the number of tickets low so as to give everyone very good chances at winning. Better still: your ticket will remain in the pool until you win a trip. This means you can win the cash prize any number of times throughout the year.

If winning trips is something of interest to you, there are a few ways you can stay on top of things:

  1. Follow us on Twitter! We post the winners every month following the draw.
  2. Check this website for updates!
  3. Contact us if you have any questions you don’t see an answer for online.

2019 Winners


Trip Winner: Diana Otteson
Cash Winners: Judy Pellerin, Alison White, Debbie Mallet, and Kevin Toner


Trip Winner: Peggy Crocker
Cash Winners: Victoria Ann Looker, Doug Holland, James Lloyd, and Helena Sim


Trip Winner: Gregory and Vicki Davis
Cash Winners: Gary Wilband, Steve and Martha Joyce, Karen Clark, and John Johnston and Jean Jennings

Early Bird Winner: Heber Glenwright

2018 Winners


Trip Winner: Annette Brinda
Cash Winners: Karen Hatheway, Karen Elliot, Carla White, and Helen Page


Trip Winner: Harry McLean
Cash Winners: Diane Beaulieu, Carol Aust, Brenda Taylor, and Ann Berthiaume


Trip Winner: Kyle Knowles
Cash Winners: Laura May Slocum, Shirley Bilerman, Dixie Sweeney, and Norma Taylor


Trip Winner: Loonie Blackmore
Cash Winners: Helen Page, Rita Bienvenu, Frank Flanagan, and Ann Northrup


Trip Winner: Gary Wilband
Cash Winners: Katie Kotkas, Jason Johnston, Garret Gesner, and Joanne Martin


Trip Winner: Kay and John McGraw
Cash Winners: Trent Hatcher, Phil Hovey, Kevin Gallant, and Corlene Hargrove


Trip Winner: Edward and Jill Sharpe
Cash Winners: Jim Gorham, Susan King, Phil Hovey, and Paula Doucet


Trip Winner: Debbie Cassie
Cash Winners: William McInnis, Angela LeBlanc, Donna Bustard, and Kiric Jardine


Trip Winner: Michaela Toner
Cash Winners: Sally Mazerolle, Jason Johnston, Pat Jiggens, and Gary Jones


Trip Winner: Angelie Essiembre
Cash Winners: Paul Dore, Gary Garrett, Gloria Murphy, and Keith Guitard


Trip Winner: Tanya Campbell
Cash Winners: Paul LeBlanc, Debby Stickford, Blair Hardwick, and Bev and Art Jacobson


Early Bird Draw: Angela Fash

Trip Winner: Lyndsay Post
Cash Winners: Alisha Badeau, Ancek Gupta, Holly H. Pyne, Richard Kowaeski

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