Ring A Bell 2017

Dots for Kids Day—RING A BELL Campaign November 27 - December 1

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On Friday, December 1st,  people across New Brunswick will be celebrating Dots for Kids Day. This campaign is part of a grassroots movement that has been empowering youth, family and community to take positive actions in support of kids’ mental health since 2010.

This year, as part of the Dots for Kids Day—RING A BELL Campaign, students in kindergarten to grade eight will be learning about mental health in schools across the province from November 27th – December 1st through lead up lesson plans & activities, a classroom video presentation, and a bell ringing event.

The goal of the RING A BELL Campaign is to raise awareness and inspire youth, their families, and communities to take positive actions in support of youth mental health. This year, we are asking for support from each of our province’s 49 elected members of the legislature and our 10 elected members of parliament by participating in a launch-day celebration on November 27th, 2017.

More specifically, the request is for all New Brunswick elected members to go to a local school in their constituency on November 27th and say a few words on this important issue to students and staff during the school’s morning announcements.

By taking part in this collaborative process, we are recognizing that the Ring A Bell Campaign is a powerful example of the kind of social innovation necessary to break through the silence and stigma that often surrounds this issue.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, student or community member, you can find everything you need to participate by following the links below with new content continuously being added.


Educator Resources

Youth Resources

Family Resources

Community Resources


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